Southborough, MA Aug 2, 2022 – Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi), designer and manufacturer of specialty wire protection, cable management, and sealing solutions, has published its 3D catalog on the TraceParts CAD-content platform- giving designers and engineers easy access to critical data for their projects. 

DTi’s product portfolio includes products that are used every day by virtually all OEMs: best-in-class grommet edging, edge trim, door/window seals, cable wrap/sleeving, and fiber radius control modules.   

DTi Wire Protection Helps to Reduce Cost and Operational Challenges  

Wire protection is a critical component for OEMs, it ensures that data -vital to equipment performance- continues to flow without interruption.    

DTi’s flagship wire protection product is Spring-Fast® Grommet Edging.  It replaces the costly, labor-intensive, and multi-step 1940’s era technique of nylon grommets applied with adhesive. 

Spring-Fast is designed with an encapsulated metal substrate that grips tightly without adhesive and snaps onto the edge with just finger pressure. It provides best-in-class protection against abrasion, eliminating labor-intensive gluing, saving 49% of installation costs, and improving task productivity by 9.5x.
They are DFM/A -designed for manufacturing and assembly. Spring-Fast has 11 variants for virtually any application and all of the part numbers and drawings are live on Traceparts.

Alongside Spring-Fast, DTi’s wire protection portfolio includes
Trim-Fast™ Edge Trim, Seal-Fast™ seals, Protect-Fast™ wire sleeving and wraps, and Fast-Drop® radius control modules (RCMs). 

CAD Drawings, Catalogs, & Product Configurations – At Your Fingertips 

DTi’s customers are engineers and designers in OEMs worldwide and their requests for CAD drawings have been steadily increasing so launching on Traceparts made perfect sense.  It not only gives engineers easier access to DTi’s CAD drawings but also lets them download in their preferred native format. 

“CAD models make it easier for engineers to do their jobs. We wanted to make them easier to access via Traceparts which also gives engineers instantly available product configuration data” commented Nick Petri President of DTi. “This eliminates the need to flip through catalog pages, drawings, and tables to get dimensions when they want to build DTi products into one of their designs. The result is on-the-fly configuration – they can download, configure, and verify the design within seconds.”  

Using TraceParts technology, DTi’s current and potential customers can now easily import CAD files directly into their CAD projects. 

Download DTi Product CAD files here.

Publishing DTi Product Data to Millions of Engineers and Designers 

DTi is an active, qualified supplier to OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide and as part of that provides ship-to-stock inventory and enhanced solutions (such as kitting, cut-to-length, and custom engineering services).  

Publishing its CAD models on TraceParts gives DTi access to Traceparts 4.7 million registered engineers and designers. This is a perfect fit given the worldwide usage of DTi products.  It enables DTi to reach a wider but highly targeted audience of mechanical, design, and manufacturing engineers. 

Download DTi Product CAD files here.

About DTi device technologies GmbH and Device Technologies, Inc. 

DTi device technologies GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of Device Technologies, Inc., is located in Hamburg, Germany. Established in 2018 to further expand and develop the EMEA market, DTi device technologies GmbH provides local product support, customer service, distribution, light manufacturing, packaging, and finishing driven by customer specifications.
Founded in 1984, Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi) designs, manufactures and sells specialty components including grommet edgings, enclosure seals, trims, wire protection sleeving, and high-performance magnet wire with a complete or selective polymer coating.
DTI’s products are used across a wide spectrum of industries and OEMs including Aerospace, Avionics, MRO applications, Automotive, Tactical Military Equipment, Wind Turbines, Telecom, Power systems, IT Servers, HVAC equipment, Medical, Gaming, and Food Service Manufacturing.  DTi continually invests in R&D to improve its products and processes to enhance cost savings and efficiency opportunities for its clients. DTi is fully compliant with ISO 9001 and AS 9100 standards.   

Spring Fast®, Fast-Drop®, Trim-Fast™, Seal-Fast™, Protect-Fast™, and Shield-Fast™ are registered trademarks of Device Technologies, Inc.  

Customer Service EMEA/Latin America

Meike Kurzak 
DTi device technologies GmbH
Poststrasse 33 
Hamburg 20354 Germany
Office: +49 40 350 85 128  

North America & Asia Technical Contact
Steven O’Loughlin
Device Technologies, Inc.
155 Northboro Road
Southborough, MA 01772
+1-508-229-2000, Ext. 250   

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