Spring-Fast SL-FST grommet edging is growing significantly in Europe.  Rail, in particular, is seeing a big expansion. The rail-focused media have recognized this trend and multiple EU-based magazines have featured the product. A list of several is provided below.

The need for FST products is being driven by tighter regulation environments and a trend toward standardization.  Uncontrolled fire in trains can be catastrophic as well as deadly so everything possible is being done to mitigate that risk. In practice, that means all the train components must meet Flame, Smoke, and Toxicity (FST) standards.

Rail OEMs are adopting Spring-Fast SL-FST not just because it is certified for FST and helps mitigate any fire that breaks out around it, but also because it has other significant benefits: best-in-class electronic/wiring protection against abrasion coupled with 49% installation savings and increased task efficiency vs. the legacy glued in nylon grommets.

The product has been featured in magazines/journals such as:

Power Tech Review    www.powertechreview.com (Oct 2020)
Feuertrutz                   www.feuertrutz.de (Oct 2020) (German)
Fire Middle East         www.firemiddleeastmag.com (Dec 2020)
Umformtechnik           www.umformtechnik.net (Jan, 2021) (German)
Eurail Press                www.eurailpress-archiv.de (Dec 2020)
New Electronics          www.newelectronics.co.uk (Jan 2o21)
Yudu Online                www.content.yudu.com (Oct 2020)
ZEVrail                        www.zevrail.de (Oct-Nov 2020) (German)
ETR                             Railway Technical Review ( ETR Eisenbahntechnische Rundschau) (Dec 2020) (German)

An example from New Electronics -in English- can be found here

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