Vertical solution integrators solve problems. They provide a single vendor solution for a wide complex range of issues like Critical Power, Thermal Management or Datacenter management.   They make project implementation for businesses fast and efficient.

They combine a wide array of mission-critical components into high-density rack systems. The components can be virtually anything.  Some include active servers, storage servers, switches, routers, multiplexing units, PDU’s, UPS’s, console port servers, and KVM or KVMP switches.

The components themselves have edge protection built into their design by their manufacturers.  However, when used by an integrator they sit in a rack and enclosure system. Wiring entering or leaving (ingress and egress) these modules are vulnerable points of failure.  This makes wire abrasion protection vitally important.


High-Density Systems

A DTi client in this space creates these high-density systems built on a series of racks & enclosures.  They use Spring-Fast® BT Series (BT1-0025-ER02) continuous grommet edging to protect wires from abrasion.

One implementation needed to ensure nonstop data transmission performance within data centers integrated with Direct TV, AT&T, and Verizon communication systems.

Their premium rack system (approx. 79” x 27” /42U) had many opportunities for wire abrasion.  Wires passed through mounting holes, cutouts, and across sharp panel edges on the adjustable cable management panels/brackets and 19” EIA standard rails.

Spring-Fast BT series wire protection grommet edging was installed to protect critical cables from chafing and damage


Other solutions like standard nylon grommets were evaluated but did not meet their needs on several levels:

  • Previous products did not meet the required flammability UL94 V-0 standard as they are designed and manufactured using non-UL compliant polyethylene thermoplastic materials.
  • The product form did not meet their desired conformance requirements. Nylon often suffered from coil set and would dis-bond from the edge.
  • Using glues or PSA strips could eventually lead to dis-bonding- even at room temperature – which could threaten the efficacy of their integrated solution.
  • Spring-Fast offered a highly conformable, low-profile grommet that fits well with the brand aesthetics and achieved high edge retention that has been tested to aerospace standards.

Additional DTI products were used to round out the wire protection: for example, DTi’s patented radius control modules were used to prevent macro bends and data loss from wires exiting the enclosures. Protect-Fast braided cable sleeving was used to hold wires and cables securely and although they were not appropriate for this application DTi also has door and enclosure seals that are UL 50compliant.

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