Southborough, MA January 15, 2021 – Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi), a leading manufacturer of wire protection products, has launched a dedicated section on its website that provides manufacturers with clear examples of how other OEMs have been able to use wire protection products to solve the problems manufacturers face on a daily basis.  

The use cases are designed to be short so that they can be read in under 2 minutes.  They have been stripped down to key details on the market sector, the problem the manufacturer faced and how it was solved.  Benefits to the end user are made clear. A short read with key information. 

DTI has committed to build out this section over the next year using examples from its extensive list of clients who cover virtually every sector of manufacturing. The decision was made to make these stripped down case studies so that readers and visitors could get the information they need quickly and easily.   

The use cases cover the key areas of DTi expertise ranging from grommet edging wire protection to edge seals and trim to braided sleeving or wrap. All products that are ubiquitous in manufacturing. 

Nick Petri, Managing Director of DTi commented, Everybody is pressed for time these days, Covid has stretched supply chains and our clients tell us they need to be nimble and get the information quickly so they can act quickly so we decided to meet that need”.    

The Use case section can be found at this link  or individually: 

Grommet Edging #101Food ProcessingCommercial Fryer High Heat Wire Protection 

Grommet Edging #102: Power: Racks/Enclosures In Integrated Power/Climate Systems 

Grommet Edging #103HVAC: Protecting Wiring in Climate Control/HVAC/ Heat Pumps 

Grommet Edging #104Automation: Wire Protection for Automation & Robotic Materials Handling 

Seals #201Rail: FST Compliant High-Speed Rail Control System Cabinet 

Seals  #202: Rail: FST Compliant Window Seal on Amtrak Regional Railcar  

Seals  #203Power: Aeroderivative Gas Turbines  

Trim  #301Rail: FST Silicone: Electric Distribution & Communication Cabinets 

Cable Mgt #401IT/TelecomNext Gen Cloud Storage & Tape Backup Protection 

As DTi stated this is a work in process.  More use cases are being developed and include aerospace, automotive, wind power, marine and medical applications. 

For additional information, contact (North America/Asia) or (EMEA/India/Latin America).  


About DTi device technologies GmbH and Device Technologies, Inc. 

Device Technologies, Inc. (DTi) and DTi device technologies GmbH (DTi GmbH) design and manufacture high demand specialty wire and equipment protection components: grommet edging, enclosure seals, edge trims, radius control modules, wire protection sleeving, EMI shielding/absorber/thermal materials, and linear and selective polymer coatings for cable, wire, flat wire, stampings and profile metal-formed products.  

In business since 1984, DTi serves virtually every manufacturing sector including Rail, Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Energy, IT/Datacenters, Telecom, HVAC, Medical, Gaming, and Food Service.   

DTi GmbH’s consulting arm, DTi Consulting, offers advanced digitalization services for manufacturers who want to optimize production spaces, processes and increase productivity. We create the data and models using leading 3D laser scanning technology for a wide range of existing building applications and production processes.   

DTi continually invests in R&D to improve its products and processes to enhance cost savings and efficiency opportunities for its clients.  DTi is fully compliant with ISO 9001 and AS9100 standards.    

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